New SPROUTS director - Lindsey Hersha

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Hello Oxford Farmers Market Community!

Helping at Market and L(earning) too!


There's a lot to marketing at Oxford Farmers Market Uptown: working with people and animals and display and food and finances. What a wonderfully safe place in which young people can L(earn). This grandboy wishes to buy a computer.....

SHOP LOCAL Discount Card by McGuffey Foundation School


We are excited to announce that we will begin selling the Shop Local Discount Card beginning on Saturday at the Oxford Farmer's Market Uptown from 9:30-Noon. Thanks to the market for providing a table and space for us to sell the cards!

The proceeds from this card benefit four non-profit community organizations:
Oxford Community Choice Pantry
Oxford Farmers Market Uptown Sprouts Program
Friends of the Oxford Lane Library
McGuffey Foundation School

Scott Downing's Frozen Cider

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Taken by Rebekah Powers

Brent Marcum thought he was still on vacation in Florida...

Market December 2009 (21).JPG

Those farm boys are tough! Although I did see him put a coat on later in the morning.

Our Littlest Customer Has Resourceful Dad

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All farmers know you use what is available to solve the problem.

Fresh - Local - we have it all even a Market Manager's Special on Snowballs!

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We will deliver free - one at a time

A Beautiful Bouquet of Brussel Sprouts

brussel sprouts queens.jpg

We had a brussel sprouts festival at the Market today and we crowned our Brussel Sprouts Princesses for the day: Sydney Rollins & Olivia Mullenix! They are holding brussel sprouts not yet cut from the stem and fresh from the garden of Ray & Judy Arlinghaus.

GREEN SCREEN: The Omnivore’s Next Dilemma


Nov. 18 7:00 p.m. @ The Oxford Community Arts Ctr.

The Omnivore’s Next Dilemma

Fall Market enjoyed by all....


Yes the party was great last weekend but it was back to business as usual the following Saturday at Oxford Farmers Market Uptown. Fall market continues through the Saturday before Thanksgiving and is enjoyed by young and old...

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